All Natural Organic Shampoo, Great For Your Hair

Natural organic bath products are getting more and more popular for many reasons, especially organic hair shampoos and conditioners. Organic bath products are items that are made without synthetic chemicals or drugs. To be truly organic, it should not be tested on animals and must be a cruelty free product. Shampoos and conditioners that are not petroleum based products, or have sulfate are considered organic. Some of the reasons why most people switch from store bought chemically based products to natural, organic bath products are many, but here are some of the reasons to change.

A Healthy Shampoo

One reason that a person may choose to switch to organic shampoo is the healthy results you get to your hair. Taking away the daily chemical wash and replacing it with a healthy natural organic hair shampoo is a huge change for the better. The chemicals from store bought shampoos sap your hair for all the natural oils which helps the growth of your hair. The scalp may also suffer from dryness and the hair follicles may become damaged which takes away from the normal process of hair growth.

The Change

When a person changes from chemical to organic, it is a big difference. The look and feel is incredible, and the result is very clean hair. The natural soft feeling of your hair is very noticeable. Vitamins and herbs are the main ingredient of an organic bath product. These help the growth and natural vitality of your hair.

Chemical Effects On Your Hair

The next reason to switch is because of the effects the chemicals from most bath products can have on the environment. With natural organic bath products there are no environmental issues. Being organic and all natural means parabens and sulfates are not part of the product. Parabens have been found to cause breast cancer and are used in most bath products and cosmetics. These same chemicals can also be found in our oceans by making their way through the sewer systems and waste water. Even though it is paraben free, to be a true organic bath product, it must be cruelty free. This means it should not in any way have been tested on animals. Since the products have all natural ingredients, it is not necessary to be tested on animals, however, as a customer it is always good to inquire.

To change from store bought to organic can give you a new outlook on life. Whether it is the environmental concerns, or just the positive effects it has on your skin and hair. Either way, to change to organic bath products can be a positive and healthy transformation to your life.

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